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Aaron Harinck. Creative front-end developer, based in Belgium

I create kick-ass websites & apps, from design to code

Aaron looking up and pondering inside a cave

About me

Hello! I'm Aaron, an easy-going Digital Design & Development (Devine) and Digital Marketing & Communication graduate.
I develop custom digital experiences and solutions that are responsive, accessible, and SEO friendly.

I also use data and competitor analysis to research and optimize customer conversions, and guide clients towards growth.

Learn more about me

My skills include...

  • Tech

    • ES6+ JavaScript
    • Vue 3 / Nuxt.js
    • React / Next.js
    • HTML5 / CSS
    • Git
    • TypeScript
    • Continious Deployment
    • Webflow
  • Design

    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Figma
    • Sketch
    • UI / UX
    • Typography
    • Motion Graphics / Cinema 4D
    • Branding
  • Digital Marketing

    • SEO
    • Search Engine Advertising
    • Google Analytics
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Digital strategy
  • Workplace

    • Team player
    • Critical thinking
    • Problem solving
    • Willingness to learn
    • Familiar with Agile / Scrum

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Get in touch

Do you want to hire me, tell me about your (future) project(s), or do you have a question for me?

I'm always open for "een klappeke in het Nederlands" or "a chat in English"

If you prefer, you can also just send me an e-mail at